LIDO, our rooftop Mediterranean restaurant serves fantastic seasonal food alongside a great selection of wine and cocktails. Its rooftop location includes a heated outdoor pool, plus its roof can be fully retracted in summer whilst its fireplace is the perfect place to warm up in winter.

Imperial is surrounded by climbing vines, with fairylights twinkling overhead and both a spectacular candelabra and an original Banksy piece acting as focal points. It's a great place for meetings and coffees in the day or for dinner after nightfall. Our favourite thing is the roast though: we reckon it's one of the best in town, plus there's a vegan option.


Billy's Bar is the definition of cosy, with leather chesterfields and velvet banquettes, wood panelling and roaring fires, plus an awe-inspiring cocktail list and some delicious bar bites.

If you're in the mood to party, LP is the place. It's got a packed schedule of music, events and secret gigs, plus a slick Studio 54-style design and an amazing atmosphere.


Our Gym is open 24 hours a day and has been created in collaboration with The Vault Gym, which means we've got the best equipment and trainers available. In addition we have a schedule of yoga and fitness classes plus a Wellness Centre offering massages, manicures from Imarni nails, a Men's Society barber shop and more.

If it's work on your mind then Design Studio is the place to catch up on emails in peace, or if it's play then join us for movie nights in our Screening Room. This miniature state-of-the-art cinema has comfy sofas and armchairs, a private bar, food brought straight to your seat, duvets and even a well-stocked pick ’n’ mix selection. It’s not just movies though, if there’s a big series on TV, we’ll screen it for our members in spectacular style.